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Medication Refill Service

Balmscope Wellness promotes health & wellness by offering a medication refill service to help you maintain compliance with your prescribed medications. Don't let running out of medication disrupt your life. Our medication refill service is conveniently offered by Telehealth.

To use our medication refill service, book online or call to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available outside of business hours and may be available same day.

Mediation Refill Service FAQ

How does the Medication Refill Service work?

  • The Medication Refill Service promotes health by aiding in compliance with your medication treatment plan in preventing lapse of medication availability. 

  • Good for individuals who require an appointment with their normal prescriber for refills but with prolonged appointment times available. 

  • Service offered only 1 time in a 12 month period. 

  • Conveniently offered by Telehealth.


What to bring to my appointment?

  • Current prescriber information.

  • Medical history.

  • Prescription list and/or medication bottles.

  • Pharmacy information where your last prescription was filled. 


What does the Medication Refill Service not include?

  • Prescriptions for new medications.

  • Prescriptions for medications that you have not taken in the last month.

  • Prescriptions for controlled substances (Stimulants (ex. Adderall), Benzodiazepines (ex. Xanax), or Opiates (ex. Oxycodone).

  • Prescriptions for more than 3 months supply.


What are my payment options?

  • All services are cash, credit card, FSA/HSA. No insurance accepted for medication refill service. 

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