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Medical Weight Loss

Allow us to assist you in your weight loss journey to a healthier slimmer you. 

  • Treatment options will be individualized based on medical history, laboratory testing as appropriate, and weight loss goals.

  • All weight loss treatments are recommended for at least 3-month commitment for best results. Treatment may be continuous depending on your weight loss goals and history.


To start your weight loss journey, book online or call to schedule your consultation. 

Medical Weight Loss FAQ

How does medical weight loss treatment work at Balmscope Wellness?

  • Customers will first schedule a weight loss initial visit (Consultation). During this visit, a treatment plan will be determined for Balm Ready or Balm Fit. 


What is Obesity?

  • A medical disorder that involves body fat that is excessive in nature and increases the probability for health problems.


What causes Obesity?

  • Obesity is caused by consuming more calories than the body uses. These excess calories are stored by the body as fat.


What is a calorie deficit? 

  • Calorie deficit is consuming less calories than your body burns. Creating a calorie deficit is used to lose and maintain weight loss along with an exercise program.


What is Medical Weight Loss? 

  • The use of medical science and medications to aid in the loss of weight by increasing metabolism, lipolysis, and hormones while decreasing calorie absorption to create a calorie deficit.

What are my payment options?

  • All services are cash, credit card, or FSA/HSA. No insurance accepted for Medical Weight Loss services. Weight Loss service also may be financed with Cherry Payment Plans with a 3 or more-months commitment including 3 months No Interest. Financing with Cherry is risk free and does not impact your credit score to apply. 

*Disclaimer: Obesity is a chronic condition and requires consistency with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Balmscope Wellness, PLLC does not claim any guaranteed weight loss results. Achieving weight loss and maintaining weight loss is individualized and results may vary. 

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